Monday, May 13, 2013

Steamed Cute Cupcakes

Besides using pancake mix to make yummy pancakes, it can be used for steamed cupcakes! After trial and error with 2 brands of pancake mix, the Korean brand pancake mix cannot make it! The Japanese brand pancake mix turns out very well with soft & fluffy texture! Besides this basic cake batter, there are cheese, chocolate, strawberry flavours which I will attempt the next round :)

These are the terrible ugly steamed cupcakes using Korean pancake mix >.< the batter did not raise at all and the texture is so dense! 

too cute to be eaten ! This is the 2nd attempt using the Japanese brand pancake mix (see the packing below) ^.^

 is very soft!

Ingredient (5 cupcakes)
  • 100gm pancake mix (Morinaga Brand)
  • 1 egg
  • 30gm sugar
  • 30gm plain yoghurt
  • 30ml fresh milk
  • 15gm unsalted butter, melted
  • 1 tsp cake flour
  • 1/2 tsp green tea powder
  • 3 drops strawberry paste
  • cocoa paste for decorating or food grade colour marker

  1. Whisk egg and sugar in a mixing bowl.
  2. Add in yoghurt and milk until well blended.
  3. Sift in pancake mix powder and fold till well blended.
  4. Stir in melted butter.
  5. for green colour batter : scoop 2 tsp of the batter and mix with green tea powder until well blended. Spoon into a piping bag. 
  6. for pink colour batter : scoop 2 tsp of the batter, mix with 1 tsp cake flour and strawberry paste until well blended. Spoon into a piping bag.
  7. Spoon the remaining pancake batter into 5 individual line muffin cups. Tap the cups lightly on the surface several times to remove any air bubbles. Pipe patterns over the surface.
  8. Steam the cupcake over preheated steamer on medium heat for 12 mins. 


Ann@Anncoo Journal said...

These steamed cupcakes are very pretty. I bought this book too but yet to try the recipes.

Irene Rexlee said...

Hi may I know where you gotten the pancake mix? Thanks..^_^..

Peng said...

Hi Irene...u should be able to find them at cold storage or certain large NTuc.

Alice Choo said...

i tried this recipe. But how come my steam cake will cracked and open up on the surface?

Peng said...

Alice...ur steamer heat may be too seems like this recipe is rather tricky to work with. I've tried a few times on the chocolate flavour and still cannot perfect it.

sandy siew said...

Hi, may i know these steam cupcakes can keep till next day? where can i find that cookbook for the steam cute cupcakes?

Peng said...

Sandy Siew...I got the book from popular but not sure still got stock or not. Maybe u can try out kinokuniya too. The cupcake can be kept till next day, just resteam slightly it will be soft again.

Anonymous said...

Beside using the pancake mix, can i use the regular flour? might be difficult to get a korean pancake mix. is it has to be high protein or low protein flour? Thanks

Peng said...

Anonymous...I tried jap pancake mix which is easily available, I've not attempt on normal flour so cannot advise u on this.

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